Darlene and Earl "The Twirl" Christy have been a powerful duo right from the start, but even more-so now, since the adversity of the pandemic, a series of health challenges, and life itself. These past few years has caused them to lean on their faith in God more than ever, in pursuing and stepping into their purpose.

Through their work in the Earl Christy Charity Foundation, which uses sports as a platform to share their faith, they serve as outstanding pillars in the community to help empower and develop youth, teach character education, and to uplift and inspire individuals of all ages.

As a team, they partner with Sports Philanthropy Network, Concussion Legacy Foundation and other organizations and individuals that are on a similar journey, to make a great impact in ways that truly matter. After Earl's amazing recovery, they believe God has given him a second chance at life, and given them both clarity in their purpose.

Their test has become a true testimony, and Darlene and Earl are now more inspired than ever to continue their commitment to the ministry of reaching out and making a difference in the lives of people from all walks of life. Their mantra is "Each One Love One".  
ABOUT Darlene and Earl "The Twirl" Christy image

Darlene Christy

Founder/Board Certified Patient Advocate/ Community Educator/Public Speaker-My Healthcare Champion, Secretary and Operations Director - Earl Christy Charity Foundation, Inc.

Earl Christy

Retired NFL Player/Super Bowl III Champion NY Jets, Former Show Basketball Player - Harlem Wizards, Founder- Earl Christy Charity Foundation, Inc., Minister, Inspirational Speaker, Mentor, Spiritual Coach