Meet Darlene Christy,  your Healthcare Champion! She has been a resident of the Tampa Bay area in Florida since 1995, after relocating from Philadelphia, PA.  

Darlene had an outstanding 15 year career, traveling nationwide as a Medical Education Researcher, conducting ethnographic research and in-depth recorded interviews with patients and physicians, to help improve doctor-patient communication.

After advocating and caring for her husband Earl, during a series of complications during his prostate cancer treatment, she stepped up to help make a difference in healthcare, by becoming an Educator, Speaker, Trainer, Coach & Board-Certified Patient Advocate. She is extremely passionate about patient safety and empowerment to improve health outcomes.

Darlene is a life-long learner, and continues to expand her knowledge and expertise in the healthcare field. As a catalyst in improving quality of care & life, she serves on various committees to promote accountability, awareness, and healthcare literacy.

She is very involved in ministry and sports philanthropy initiatives with her husband, through the Earl Christy Charity Foundation. In her free time, she enjoys reading non-fiction, writing, morning walks, relaxing at the beach, attending NY Jets activities, quality time with friends and family, as well as developing her spiritual growth and relationship with God.

One of her main goals in life is to be 1% better each and every day.